Intel launches NUC 12 Pro “Wall Street Canyon” Mini-PCs with up to Core i7-1260P CPU

Intel NUC 12 Pro “Wall Street Canyon”, the proper NUC

Customers may be confused with multiple NUC code names floating around the web, but Wall Street Canyon is the platform that should be recognized.

Intel NUC 12 Pro (small and tall), Source: SimplyNUC

Intel NUC brand is no longer referring just to the Mini-PCs. The company already launched NUC laptops and NUC desktops as well, but the original NUC (Next Unit of Computing) has always been about the small form factor PCs, even smaller than Mini-ITX.

The NUC MiniPC has 4×4 inch PCB design, but the chassis exists in multiple formats: slim and tall kits. The latter has support for an additional 2.5-inch drive.

Intel NUC 12 Pro PCB, Source: SimplyNUC

The NUC 12 Wall Street Canyon is based on Alder Lake-P series with an option of 10-core Core i3-1220P, 12-core Core i5-1240P or 12-core Core i7-1260P SKUs. There are no discrete graphics on these systems, but integrated Xe graphics with 64, 80 or 96 Execution Units are available.

A premium NUC reseller SimplyNUC is claiming a variant with Core i7-1270P vPRO will be offered later. Here’s the official breakdown with all ‘consumer’ variants:

Intel NUC 12 Pro CPU specs, Source: SimplyNUC

NUC 12 Pro supports up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 memory and there is no DDR5 variant planned. There is also a version called “Lite” which lacks probably one of the best features of NUC 12 Pro: dual Thunderbolt 4 connectors (with support for TBT3, USB4/3 or DisplayPort 1.4a HBR3).

Intel NUC 12 Pro with Lite variants, Source: SimplyNUC

Intel NUC 12 Pro will join a list of three other products in the same series:

  • Intel NUC 12 Extreme Dragon Canyon (12th Gen Core-S & Arc A-series desktop)
  • Intel NUC 12 Serpent Canyon (12th Gen Core-H & Arc A-Series Mobile).
  • Intel NUC X15 Alder County (12th Gen Core-H & Arc A-Series Mobile).
  • Intel NUC 12 Pro Wall Street Canyon (12th Gen Core-P)

 [Simply NUC] Intel NUC 12 Pro Wall Street Canyon – Overview (160 views)

In terms of pricing, the cheapest NUC 12 Pro system offered by SimplyNUC is listed at 749 USD. This is a full system with memory and storage, however neither is sufficient for daily use (4GB RAM and 256GB storage). The Core i7 model goes for at least 879 USD.

Source: SimplyNUC via FanlessTechLiliputing

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